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  1. Regulation round-up February 2019

    Newsletters Published: 21/02/2019 Last modified: 21/02/2019
    Regulation round-up is our monthly email to all regulated firms, updating you on the latest news that affects your sector.
  2. PS17/27: Insurance Distribution Directive implementation – Feedback to CP17/23 and near-final rules

    Policy statements Published: 24/07/2017 Last modified: 01/06/2018
    This is our second Policy Statement setting out near-final rules for the implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).
  3. Regulation round-up January 2019

    Newsletters Published: 17/01/2019 Last modified: 28/03/2019
    Regulation round-up is our monthly email to all regulated firms, updating you on the latest news that affects your sector.
  4. Firms falling short of renewal expectations

    Multi-firm reviews Published: 18/10/2017 Last modified: 18/10/2017
    This page summarises how general insurance firms have implemented our transparency in insurance renewals which came into effect in April 2017.
  5. CP15/32: Smarter Consumer Communications: Removing certain ineffective requirements in our Handbook

    Consultation papers Published: 22/10/2015 Last modified: 06/09/2016
    We are consulting to remove a number of disclosure requirements which we identified as not being effective in terms of informing consumers about a product or service and to reduce the regulatory burden on firms. This reflects our commitment to create a sustainable regulatory framework. Why are we issuing this Consultation Paper? In our Discussion...
  6. Smarter Consumer Communications

    Discussion papers Published: 11/10/2016 Last modified: 07/04/2017
    We launched our Smarter Consumer Communications initiative to bring about a change in the way information is both communicated and delivered to consumers. Our publications are just one step in the journey that we hope to take with firms.
  7. Defined Benefit (DB) transfers – further update on our work

    Multi-firm reviews Published: 05/06/2020 Last modified: 31/07/2020
    We set out further findings from our assessment of the suitability of defined benefit (DB) transfer advice, as part of a package of measures to improve standards in this area.
  8. RMA-E: Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Registers and systems Published: 12/05/2016 Last modified: 04/12/2018
    Read our help text for Gabriel submission RMA-E: Professional Indemnity Insurance.