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  1. Creating and sustaining cultures of compliance: insights from psychology and beyond

    Insight Published: 16/12/2016 Last modified: 17/02/2017
    In addition to calls for stricter penalties for offenders, we have seen notably higher fines imposed since the pre-crisis period, while scrutiny of the culture in financial service firms has ... In such examples, the culture of the organisation, what
  2. Building cyber resilience

    Speeches Published: 26/01/2018 Last modified: 26/01/2018
    Speech by Robin Jones, Head of Technology, Resilience & Cyber at the FCA, delivered to the PIMFA Financial Crime Conference, London.
  3. Regulation round-up July 2016

    Newsletters Published: 21/07/2016 Last modified: 21/07/2016
    Mediation Activity Returns (RMAR), and our approach when firms submit a nil response. ... Complaints handling return. Consultation on credit union rules. Speech: Getting culture and conduct right.
  4. The commercial importance of culture to industry

    Speeches Published: 02/12/2014 Last modified: 02/12/2014
    The commercial importance of culture to industry. Speeches First published:. 02/12/2014. ... And for me, there’s an uneasy contrast here between the relative success of many firms in reconstructing their prudential positions, with their inability to
  5. FCA Final Notice 2014: Martin Brokers (UK) Ltd (Martins) [pdf]

    Final notices Published: 15/05/2014 Last modified: 24/02/2015
    This final notice refers to breaches of PRIN 3 and PRIN 5 related to wholesale conduct, benchmarks, and culture/governance in the trading firm. We imposed a fine.
  6. Final Notice 2015: Deutsche Bank AG [pdf]

    Final notices Published: 23/04/2015 Last modified: 23/04/2015
    This final notice refers to breaches of PRIN 5, PRIN 3 and PRIN 11 related to wholesale conduct, benchmarks, failing to be open and co-operative and culture/governance in the investment bank sector. We imposed a fine.
  7. Facing the future – challenges and priorities for the FCA

    Speeches Published: 12/11/2020 Last modified: 12/11/2020
    Speech by our CEO, Nikhil Rathi, given at the Address to the City Regulators, Mansion House.
  8. FCA launches three-year strategy to improve outcomes

    Press Releases Published: 07/04/2022 Last modified: 07/04/2022
    The FCA has launched a new strategy to improve outcomes for consumers and businesses throughout the UK.
  9. Culture and conduct - extending the accountability regime

    Speeches Published: 20/09/2017 Last modified: 20/09/2017
    Speech by Jonathan Davidson, Director of Supervision – Retail and Authorisations at the FCA, delivered at City and Financial Summit, London.
  10. Banks, building societies and credit unions

    Firms Banks building societies and credit unions Last modified: 23/09/2021
    Banks, building societies and credit unions landing page