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  1. A strategy for positive change: our ESG priorities

    Corporate documents Published: 03/11/2021 Last modified: 29/06/2022
    The FCA's environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy sets out our target outcomes and the actions we expect to take to deliver these, to support the transition to a net zero economy.
  2. Aggregate complaints data: 2016 H1

    Data and research Published: 06/10/2016 Last modified: 23/05/2022
    The FCA collects complaints data from firms to assess how well they are treating their customers and how firms’ performance changes over time.
  3. Interest rates and risk-based credit limits in the UK credit card market

    Research Published: 08/07/2022 Last modified: 08/07/2022
    We studied variation in interest rates and credit limits to investigate how UK lenders base choices on customers' risk.
  4. DP21/4: Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and investment labels

    Discussion papers Published: 03/11/2021 Last modified: 04/07/2022
    We are seeking initial views on new sustainability disclosure requirements for asset managers and FCA-regulated asset owners, as well as a new classification and labelling system for sustainable investment products
  5. Implementing MiFID II – multi-firm review of research unbundling reforms

    Multi-firm reviews Published: 19/09/2019 Last modified: 19/09/2019
    Our rules to implement the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II require asset managers to explicitly pay for third-party research, and brokers to price and provide research separately. These are the findings of our review on how
  6. Occasional Paper No. 24: Behaviour and compliance in organisations

    Occasional papers Published: 16/12/2016 Last modified: 16/12/2016
    This paper discusses the factors that influence effective compliance and provides suggestions for how regulators and firms can improve levels of compliance.
  7. Occasional Paper No. 33: Choices of dominated mortgage products by UK consumers

    Occasional papers Published: 04/05/2018 Last modified: 29/01/2021
    As part of the mortgages market study, the FCA wanted to understand the extent to which UK consumers might save money when buying a mortgage and to understand what may be driving some to buy more expensive mortgages. This Occasional Paper
  8. Packaged bank accounts: TR16/8

    Thematic reviews Published: 20/10/2016 Last modified: 20/10/2016
    This report provides the findings from our thematic review into packaged bank accounts (PBAs). The review was performed to assess how firms implemented the PBA Insurance: Conduct of Business Sourcebook rules that were introduced in March 2013. We
  9. FS17/2: High-cost credit and review of the high-cost short-term credit price cap

    Feedback statements Published: 31/07/2017 Last modified: 31/01/2018
    We are publishing our response to the Call for Input into our review of high-cost credit products. This includes our decision on the future of the high-cost-short-term credit (HCSTC, or payday lending) price cap.
  10. Update on FCA activities on pensions and retirement income

    Documents Published: 25/11/2015 Last modified: 17/08/2021
    Find out about the FCA's ongoing work, designed to identify emerging trends, and an update on the Retirement Outcomes review.