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  1. Ageing population and financial services

    Occasional papers Published: 21/09/2017 Last modified: 21/09/2017
    In September 2017, we published our Occasional Paper, outlining the findings from a project that explored how the ageing population would impact the financial services industry. 
  2. General insurance add-ons market study

    Market studies Published: 24/07/2014 Last modified: 01/04/2016
    We carried out both quantitative and qualitative consumer research, and undertook an innovative behavioural experiment in which we tested consumers’ reactions to the add-on mechanism in a simulated environment. ... Experimental consumer research report
  3. Credit card market study: MS14/6

    Market studies Published: 03/11/2015 Last modified: 14/07/2020
    Our market study on the credit card sector focused on one of the largest consumer credit markets we regulate – there are around 30 million credit card holders in the UK.
  4. Occasional Paper No. 43: Weighing anchor on credit card debt

    Occasional papers Published: 26/07/2018 Last modified: 20/10/2020
    In this study we conduct a hypothetical credit card payment experiment to test an intervention to de-anchor payment choices.
  5. Research Note: Further evidence on choices of dominated mortgage products

    Data and research Research Published: 22/05/2019 Last modified: 22/05/2019
    FCA Occasional Paper No. 33 found that there was a surprising prevalence of 'dominated' choices in the UK mortgage market. Almost 30% of customers chose mortgage products that were strictly worse on all price dimensions than another available
  6. Occasional Paper No. 27: Benchmark regulation and market quality

    Occasional papers Published: 03/07/2017 Last modified: 03/07/2017
    In this paper, we examine the implications of the benchmark regime change in the interest rate swap market on underlying market conditions.
  7. GC20/3: Guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers

    Policy and guidance Guidance consultations Published: 29/07/2020 Last modified: 27/10/2020
    The FCA wants to see vulnerable consumers treated fairly and consistently across financial services sectors. The draft guidance in this consultation is intended to bring about a practical shift in firm behaviour that enables this to happen.
  8. Update on FCA activities on pensions and retirement income

    Documents Published: 25/11/2015 Last modified: 14/09/2016
    Given our objectives to ensure effective competition and appropriate consumer protection, we are keen to explore the level of charges faced by different consumers in decumulation pension products, and the circumstances ... We are also updating consumer
  9. CP15/24: Cash savings remedies

    Consultation papers Published: 23/07/2015 Last modified: 02/11/2015
    We found that the cash savings market is not working well for many consumers and proposed remedies in four areas: disclosure; switching savings accounts; convenience of saving with different providers; and
  10. PS18/19: Assessing creditworthiness in consumer credit

    Policy statements Published: 31/07/2017 Last modified: 30/07/2018
    In this Policy Statement we respond to feedback arising from CP17/27 (PDF) and publish final rules and guidance on assessing creditworthiness in consumer credit.