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  1. FCA Research Agenda

    Corporate documents Published: 17/04/2019 Last modified: 17/04/2019
    The FCA's research agenda sets out the broad areas of research most relevant to its Mission. It combines economics, statistics, behavioural science, and market data and intelligence together with newer techniques in machine learning and artificial
  2. Alternatives to high-cost credit

    Research Published: 22/07/2019 Last modified: 22/07/2019
    This FCA report sets out actions and recommendations to improve the availability and awareness of alternatives to high-cost credit.
  3. The impact and effectiveness of Innovate

    Research Published: 29/04/2019 Last modified: 29/04/2019
    Since launching Innovate we have received nearly 1,600 applications for support and have provided support to nearly 700 firms of varying shapes and sizes. We have played an active role in the fintech industry, and have produced policy on innovation
  4. PS19/16: High-Cost Credit Review: Overdraft policy statement

    Policy statements Published: 07/06/2019 Last modified: 11/09/2020
    These are the final rules we are introducing to reform the overdraft market.
  5. Occasional Paper No. 44: The conflict between consumer intentions, beliefs and actions to pay down credit card debt

    Occasional papers Published: 26/07/2018 Last modified: 20/10/2020
    In this study we attempt to increase credit card payments through behaviourally-informed disclosures tested in experiments across 3 UK lenders.
  6. Occasional Paper No. 45: The semblance of success in nudging consumers to pay down credit card debt

    Occasional papers Published: 26/07/2018 Last modified: 20/10/2020
    In this study we study consumer responses to a randomised field experiment on credit card debt repayment.
  7. Designing effective current account prompts: research summary

    Research Published: 20/11/2018 Last modified: 20/11/2018
    Banks and building societies have committed to deliver a package of prompts to their customers. These prompts aim to: increase consumers’ engagement with their current account, raise awareness of the current account switching service, and
  8. Consumer credit and consumers in vulnerable circumstances

    Research Published: 01/04/2014 Last modified: 02/12/2014
    Consumer credit and consumers in vulnerable circumstances. Research First published:. 01/04/2014. ... To understand more about the experiences of consumers most at risk of unmanageable debt, we have conducted primary research looking at the attitudes
  9. Cyber security – industry insights

    Research Published: 08/03/2019 Last modified: 08/03/2019
    We have published a document bringing together industry insights on cyber resilience. Cyber risks pose a threat to consumers and markets, and part of the FCA’s role is to help firms become more resilient to cyber-attacks, so reducing the risk and
  10. Retirement Outcomes Review

    Market studies Published: 12/07/2017 Last modified: 20/03/2019
    We have published the final findings of our Retirement Outcomes Review, which looks at how the retirement income market is evolving since the pension freedoms were introduced in April 2015. As part of this, we set out a package of proposed remedies