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  1. Personal data and communicating FCA news and events

    Last modified: 30/04/2021
    This page explains how and why we use personal data to undertake surveys, consultations and market research as part of our work as a regulator.
  2. Service standards 2018/19

    Data Published: 24/06/2019 Last modified: 24/06/2019
    The FCA measures its performance using service standards. These are the levels of performance that it aims to meet when carrying out its regulatory functions. This service standards analysis is for 2018/19.
  3. Personal data and supervision

    Last modified: 08/10/2021
    This page explains how and why we use personal data to fulfil our supervision functions.
  4. Regulation round-up October 2013

    Newsletters Published: 29/10/2013 Last modified: 13/06/2016
    Our data shows 2.9million complaints were made in the first half of 2013, compared to 3.4million consumer complaints reported by firms in the previous six months. ... 92% of the complaints reported in the first half of 2013 were closed in eight weeks,
  5. Regulation round-up May 2013

    Newsletters Published: 03/06/2013 Last modified: 06/01/2017
    It is also a refresher of the reforms for all firms and their staff. ... The webcast is available on the FCA website and can be accessed here.
  6. MiFID reporting after the Brexit transition period

    Firms Focus areas Markets Markets policy Published: 04/12/2020 Last modified: 08/02/2021
    Information about go-live of the onshored MiFID Regime for firms migrating to FCA FIRDS and FITRS after 31 December 2020.
  7. PS19/23: FCA and PRA changes to mortgage reporting requirements

    Policy statements Published: 13/12/2018 Last modified: 30/09/2019
    We summarise the feedback and our response to it following consultation paper (CP) FCA – 18/41 / PRA – 30/18.
  8. FCA makes it easier for people to compare bank accounts

    Press Releases Published: 12/12/2017 Last modified: 12/12/2017
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today published final rules which will require providers of personal current accounts and business current accounts to publish information that will help customers to compare the service they could receive
  9. FCA statement on contract for difference products and CP16/40

    Statements Published: 29/06/2017 Last modified: 29/06/2017
    This statement provides an update on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) policy work on contract for difference products (CFDs) and CP16/40: Enhancing conduct of business rules for firms providing contract for difference products to retail
  10. AIFMD updates

    Focus areas Published: 08/06/2016 Last modified: 05/03/2018
    Firms should monitor our website for updates on AIFMD.