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  1. Firms

    Firms Last modified: 08/09/2020
    Tasks for regulated firms and authorisation information for new firms
  2. RegData

    Registers and systems Published: 22/06/2020 Last modified: 23/09/2020
    RegData will be our new data collection platform for gathering regulatory data from firms. It will replace our current system Gabriel and make it easier for firms to submit their data.
  3. How to register for RegData

    Registers and systems Published: 31/03/2020 Last modified: 22/06/2020
    Find out how to register for RegData, our new data collection platform which will replace Gabriel.
  4. EMIR

    Markets Markets policy Published: 24/05/2016 Last modified: 23/06/2020
    Find out more about the European Market Infrastructure Regulation on derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories (EMIR), which imposes requirements to improve transparency and reduce the risks associated with the derivatives market.
  5. Model rules and sponsoring bodies

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 11/05/2015 Last modified: 18/09/2019
    Model rules you can use as a template for your society’s rules.
  6. Troubleshooting during the new data collection platform registration process

    Registers and systems Published: 31/03/2020 Last modified: 20/04/2020
    Considerations if you're applying for authorisation as a debt management or debt authorisation firm.
  7. Mortgage fraud

    Know your rights Published: 04/04/2016 Last modified: 03/09/2020
    Mortgage fraud is when individuals defraud a lender through the mortgage process. This is a crime. Find out more about how to protect yourself.
  8. Directory of certified and assessed persons

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 06/09/2019 Last modified: 27/07/2020
    Under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR), we will publish and maintain a directory of certified and assessed persons on the Financial Services Register, so consumers and professionals can check the details of key individuals
  9. Consumer buy-to-let mortgages

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 21/03/2016 Last modified: 14/06/2018
    There have been changes to how the FCA regulates buy-to-let activity, following the government’s implementation of the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD). Find out more here.
  10. Consumers

    Consumers Last modified: 14/09/2020
    Consumers can find out about their rights with banking, insurance, mortgages and financial advice, and how to complain or avoid scams.