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  1. Pensions and retirement income

    Consumers Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 13/08/2021
    Pensions are a traditional way of saving and investing money for your retirement. Find out more about your options, and how to protect your pension pot from fraudsters and risky schemes.
  2. Update on FCA activities on pensions and retirement income

    Documents Published: 25/11/2015 Last modified: 17/08/2021
    Find out about the FCA's ongoing work, designed to identify emerging trends, and an update on the Retirement Outcomes review.
  3. Update on our work around pensions and retirement income

    Market studies Published: 14/07/2016 Last modified: 17/08/2021
    Pensions and retirement income is a priority sector for the FCA. Read more about our policy work and market monitoring in this area.
  4. Pensions and Retirement income: our guidance for firms

    Life insurers and pension providers Published: 07/04/2020 Last modified: 13/08/2021
    The FCA's guidance for pension providers and DB transfer advisers, as the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic develops. The FCA is working with industry to ensure the market can deliver fair outcomes for consumers.
  5. Pensions and retirement income: overview [pdf]

    Research Published: 09/01/2017
  6. Pensions and retirement income

    Focus areas Published: 09/02/2018 Last modified: 26/07/2021
    Effective regulation of the pensions and retirement income sector is a priority for us
  7. Regulating the pensions and retirement income sector: Our strategic approach [pdf]

    Calls for input Published: 19/03/2018
    We are working with The Pensions Regulator (TPR) on a strategic approach to the pensions and retirement income sector. To help inform this work we want to hear your views on the biggest current and potential risks in the sector, and how we should
  8. Regulating the pensions and retirement income sector: our joint regulatory strategy [pdf]

    Corporate documents Published: 18/10/2018
    We set out our joint regulatory strategy for the pensions and retirement income sector, following on from our call for input with The Pensions Regulator.
  9. Data Bulletin: March 2018 - Pensions and retirement income market

    Data Published: 20/04/2018 Last modified: 21/08/2019
    This issue of the Data Bulletin focuses on how the pensions and retirement income market is evolving.
  10. Regulating the pensions and retirement income sector: an FCA perspective

    Speeches Published: 03/10/2019 Last modified: 03/10/2019
    Speech by Deb Jones, Director of Supervision, Life Insurance and Financial Advice, delivered at the FCA/TPR: Our Joint Regulatory Strategy - one year on event.