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  1. Experienced professionals

    Careers Published: 30/09/2016 Last modified: 22/03/2022
    Careers at the FCA for experienced professionals.
  2. Call for Input: Pensions consumer journey [pdf]

    Calls for input Published: 18/05/2021
    Call for Input: Pensions consumer journey.
  3. Institutional disclosure working group

    Investment managers Published: 08/09/2017 Last modified: 09/11/2018
    The institutional disclosure working group made its recommendations to the FCA in June 2018.
  4. Annuities

    Consumers Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 13/08/2021
    Find out what an annuity is and why we believe you should shop around to find the right deal for you.
  5. Pension Cash Solutions

    Warnings Published: 15/09/2020 Last modified: 15/09/2020
    Pension Cash Solutions is not authorised or registered by the FCA. Find out why and how to protect yourself from scammers.
  6. Website feedback

    Last modified: 11/06/2016
    Investment manager. Mortgage lender or intermediary. Mutual society. Payment institution. Pension provider.
  7. Attestation Data Q4 2013/14 to Q4 2021/22 [xlsx]

    Data Published: 10/02/2015 Last modified: 05/10/2020
    Attestation Data Q4 2013/14 to Q1 2021/22 - an attestation is a firm’s formal statement that it will take, or has taken, an action we require.
  8. Media centre

    Media centre Last modified: 06/04/2022
    Latest FCA news, speeches, multimedia, social media and press office details
  9. Supplement for firms setting up and operating personal pension schemes including SIPPs - notes [doc]

    Forms Published: 01/04/2013 Last modified: 11/02/2022
    Application for Authorisation
  10. RegData help and FAQs

    Registers and systems Published: 04/05/2016 Last modified: 12/05/2021
    You can find help and/or FAQs on all the Gabriel data items below and via the links to the right.