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  1. Non-workplace pensions consumer engagement [pdf]

    Research Published: 30/07/2019
    This document reports the findings of a qualitative research study carried out for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in June to October 2018 by NMG Consulting.
  2. Statement on UK markets

    Statements Published: 23/03/2020 Last modified: 27/03/2020
    The FCA is working with international counterparts in US, EU and elsewhere so that markets can remain open and orderly, and so they can continue to perform their essential role in supporting businesses, governments, jobs and the broader economy. 
  3. Restricted US share scams

    ScamSmart Last modified: 16/08/2021
    Find out how restricted US shares work, how to avoid scams and what to do if you are scammed.
  4. FCA announces plans for stronger nudge towards pension guidance

    News stories Published: 01/12/2021 Last modified: 01/12/2021
    The FCA has today published final rules requiring firms to implement the stronger nudge to Pension Wise guidance.
  5. FCA proposes changes to advice on pension transfers

    Press Releases Published: 21/06/2017 Last modified: 21/06/2017
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today published new proposals on advice relating to pension transfers where consumers have safeguarded benefits, primarily for transfers from defined benefit to defined contribution pension schemes.
  6. Technical information on the aggregate data

    Data Published: 06/05/2016 Last modified: 28/10/2021
    We publish complaints data every six months for firm returns with a half-year period ending between 1 January and 30 June (H1) and between 1 July and 31 December (H2). This page provides more information about how the FCA collects and reports these
  7. 2020 Disclosure Log

    Last modified: 15/04/2021
    The aim of the FCA's Disclosure Log is to keep information that it has released under the Freedom of Information Act and which it thinks is of wider public interest. Find the Disclosure Log for 2020. 
  8. Financial Services Regulatory Initiatives Forum - Minutes: October 2021 [pdf]

    Meeting minutes Published: 01/11/2021
    Financial Services Regulatory Initiatives Forum meeting minutes October 2021. The forum is made up of representatives of the Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority, Prudential Regulation Authority, Payment Systems Regulator, the Competition
  9. Regulation round-up August 2013

    Newsletters Published: 29/08/2013 Last modified: 29/08/2013
    This seminar programme explores specifically our expectations and common failings in the areas of pension switching and Income Drawdown and include interactive case studies. ... counterparts, the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Claims Management
  10. FCA publishes rules on retirement risk warnings

    Press Releases Published: 27/02/2015 Last modified: 27/02/2015
    New rules published by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) today will help to protect consumers wanting to access their pension savings from 6 April 2015 by requiring firms involved in the ... The information will support the guidance by the