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  1. Instrument Reference Data

    Markets Transaction reporting Published: 30/05/2016 Last modified: 05/01/2021
    Trading venues and systematic internalisers (SIs) are responsible for providing us with instrument reference data.
  2. Annex 4 Benchmarks Regulation – Notice of modifications [pdf]

    LIBOR notices Published: 01/01/2022
    Annex 4 Benchmarks Regulation – Notice of modifications
  3. Personal accountability

    Speeches Published: 02/12/2015 Last modified: 19/04/2016
    Speech by Tracey McDermott, Acting Chief Executive, FCA, delivered at the City & Financial conference on Personal Accountability in the Financial Services Industry, 2 December 2015, London. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ
  4. The regulatory challenge

    Speeches Published: 23/02/2015 Last modified: 24/02/2015
    We start in a place where, as LIBOR and FX have shown, the loyalties of your staff may be to people outside the firm rather than in it and where people
  5. Ethics and Economics

    Speeches Published: 04/03/2014 Last modified: 05/03/2014
    Speech by Martin Wheatley, Chief Executive of the FCA, to the Worshipful Company of International Bankers, London 4 March 2014. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  6. Annual Report 2014/15

    Corporate documents Published: 02/07/2015 Last modified: 25/10/2016
    our enforcement action, including on LIBOR and Forex. our response to the Davis review.
  7. Learning the lessons of the past as an industry

    Speeches Published: 02/12/2014 Last modified: 04/02/2015
    In light of the recent FOREX investigation, which saw the FCA uncover failures by firms to correct their controls to prevent attempts to manipulate the market after the LIBOR failings had ... In one LIBOR case a submitter wrote to his manager, "we are
  8. Chief Executive speaks at APM about recent work and future challenges

    Speeches Published: 20/07/2016 Last modified: 20/07/2016
    Speech by Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive at the FCA, delivered at our 2016 Annual Public Meeting.
  9. Product sales data: performance data FAQs

    Registers and systems Published: 06/05/2016 Last modified: 04/01/2022
    Product sales data: new mortgage requirements: performance data FAQs
  10. Highlights of the FCA’s new approach in 2021

    Press Releases Published: 31/12/2021 Last modified: 12/01/2022
    Our mission is to protect consumers from harm, enhance the integrity of the UK’s financial system and promote competition. We are continuing to pursue these objectives while also working to become a more innovative, adaptive and assertive regulator