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  1. Protecting consumers

    What we do Published: 19/04/2016 Last modified: 07/10/2021
    Discover how the FCA protects consumers from the harm that can be caused by bad conduct in the financial services industry.
  2. Advice checker: defined benefit pension transfers

    Know your rights Published: 04/06/2020 Last modified: 27/09/2021
    Find out if the pension transfer advice you received was right for you, and what to do if you think it wasn’t.
  3. Coronavirus (Covid-19): Information for firms

    Firms Focus areas Published: 17/03/2020 Last modified: 26/07/2021
    Our expectations for firms during the coronavirus pandemic, and the measures we’ve put in place to make sure customers are protected.
  4. Pension transfer advice: what to expect

    Financial advisers Life insurers and pension providers Published: 04/06/2020 Last modified: 27/09/2021
    Read detailed information, considerations and steps when transferring out of a Defined Benefit scheme.
  5. TechSprints

    Tasks for regulated firms Focus areas Published: 10/09/2017 Last modified: 16/11/2021
    TechSprints bring together participants from across and outside finance to develop technology based ideas or concepts to address specific challenges
  6. Information about Brexit from EEA regulators

    Firms Published: 06/11/2020 Last modified: 04/02/2021
    Links to the dedicated Brexit websites hosted by financial regulators in EEA member states.
  7. Call for Input: Open finance

    Calls for input Published: 17/12/2019 Last modified: 26/03/2021
    In this paper we set out some of the recent developments across the crowdfunding sector and a number of concerns that we have identified in response.
  8. Finding an adviser

    Consumers Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 11/08/2021
    It can be tricky to know how to find a financial adviser, especially if you’re looking for the first time. Read our tips to help you get started.
  9. Funeral plans

    Consumers Last modified: 01/11/2021
    The FCA will start regulating pre-paid funeral plans in 2022. Find out what this will mean for you.
  10. Online trading scams

    ScamSmart Consumers Scams Last modified: 16/08/2021
    Learn how to protect yourself from investment and pension scams. Check if you’re dealing with an authorised firm and what to do if you suspect a scam.