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  1. Who we work with

    About us How we operate Published: 19/04/2016 Last modified: 19/07/2022
    Find out more about the UK agencies, government departments, Designated Professional Bodies and other regulators the FCA cooperates with.
  2. Regulatory Decisions Committee (RDC)

    About us Who we are Published: 06/04/2016 Last modified: 04/08/2022
    The RDC helps to ensure that contested enforcement decisions are made fairly. Find out more about the process and who sits on the committee.
  3. Report fee tariff data

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 08/05/2015 Last modified: 01/07/2022
    Guidance on how to fill in your online tariff data forms and give us information about your firm that will help us calculate annual fees for the next financial year.
  4. Pensions and retirement income

    Consumers Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 13/08/2021
    Pensions are a traditional way of saving and investing money for your retirement. Find out more about your options, and how to protect your pension pot from fraudsters and risky schemes.
  5. How to avoid pension scams

    ScamSmart Consumers Scams Last modified: 07/06/2022
    Learn how to protect yourself from investment and pension scams. Check if you’re dealing with an authorised firm and what to do if you suspect a scam.
  6. How to complain

    Consumers Complaints and compensation Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 16/06/2022
    If you're unhappy with a financial product or service, find out how to complain.
  7. Types of investment and pension scams

    ScamSmart Last modified: 07/06/2022
    Find out more about the most common investment and pension scams, and how to protect yourself.
  8. PS14/17: Retirement Reforms and the Guidance Guarantee, including feedback on CP14/11

    Policy statements Published: 27/11/2014 Last modified: 17/08/2021
    This Policy Statement reports on the main issues arising from Consultation Paper 14/11 Retirement reforms and the Guidance Guarantee and publishes near final standards and rules.
  9. UK regulators, government and other bodies

    About us What we do Published: 19/04/2016 Last modified: 25/01/2022
    Find out more about the UK agencies, government departments and other regulators we cooperate closely with.
  10. Types of pension scams

    ScamSmart Last modified: 07/06/2022
    Find out more about early pension release scams. Learn how these scams work and what to do if you've been affected.