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  1. Pensions and Retirement income: our guidance for firms

    Life insurers and pension providers Published: 07/04/2020 Last modified: 14/01/2022
    The FCA's guidance for pension providers and DB transfer advisers, as the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic develops. The FCA is working with industry to ensure the market can deliver fair outcomes for consumers.
  2. British Steel Pension Scheme: what to do if you transferred out

    Consumers Published: 01/06/2021 Last modified: 15/07/2022
    If you transferred out of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS), you could be due compensation after receiving unsuitable advice. Find out how to make a complaint.
  3. Unregulated investment scams

    ScamSmart Last modified: 09/08/2022
    Find out how scams involving unregulated investment products work, how to avoid them and what to do if you are scammed.
  4. Regulatory Decisions Committee (RDC)

    About us Who we are Published: 06/04/2016 Last modified: 04/08/2022
    The RDC helps to ensure that contested enforcement decisions are made fairly. Find out more about the process and who sits on the committee.
  5. Report fee tariff data

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 08/05/2015 Last modified: 01/07/2022
    Guidance on how to fill in your online tariff data forms and give us information about your firm that will help us calculate annual fees for the next financial year.
  6. Annuities

    Consumers Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 13/08/2021
    Find out what an annuity is and why we believe you should shop around to find the right deal for you.
  7. Our Perimeter Report

    Annual reports Published: 19/07/2022 Last modified: 03/08/2022
    Our perimeter (remit) determines the activities we regulate and the level of protection consumers can expect when they buy financial services and products
  8. Report a scam to us

    Scams Published: 05/03/2020 Last modified: 15/09/2021
    Find out how to report a scam, unauthorised firm or individual to us.
  9. Understanding ‘advice’ and ‘guidance’ on investments

    Consumers Published: 23/02/2018 Last modified: 13/06/2022
    If you’re looking to invest your money, there are a range of organisations that can offer you financial ‘advice’ or ‘guidance’. Learn about some of the main differences between these services.
  10. PS15/15: FCA regulated fees and levies

    Policy statements Published: 22/06/2015 Last modified: 29/11/2021
    We are publishing rules on our 2015/16 regulatory fees and levies for the FCA, the pensions guidance levy, the Financial Ombudsman Service (ombudsman service) general levy, and MoneyHelper (formerly the Money Advice Service).