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  1. Wholesale Conduct Risk

    Speeches Published: 24/07/2015 Last modified: 24/07/2015
    There will, in that, inevitably be winners and losers - making profit is not a problem – in fact it is a key element of the UK having a thriving investment banking industry. ... And it is increasingly evident that culture and conduct are two sides of
  2. Payments after PSD2: evolution or revolution

    Speeches Published: 10/04/2018 Last modified: 10/04/2018
    Speech delivered by Karina McTeague, Director of Retail Banking Supervision at the FCA, at the Pay360 Conference.
  3. Nothing to fear from high standards

    Speeches Published: 16/03/2015 Last modified: 03/11/2016
    Speech by Martin Wheatley, Chief Executive of the FCA, delivered at Bloomberg. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  4. Statement regarding Royal Bank of Scotland

    Press Releases Published: 29/11/2013 Last modified: 09/12/2016
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has now considered the reports published this week by Sir Andrew Large into lending practices at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and, separately, by Dr Lawrence Tomlinson into banks’ treatment of customers in
  5. Getting the right investor outcomes

    Speeches Published: 24/09/2014 Last modified: 30/09/2014
    Speech by William Amos, Director of Wholesale Banking and Investment Management at the Investment Week Fund Management Summit, London. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  6. The rapidity of change

    Speeches Published: 22/10/2015 Last modified: 18/01/2017
    Speech by Tracey McDermott, Acting Chief Executive at the Financial Conduct Authority, to be delivered at the City Banquet - Mansion House this evening. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  7. Regulation round-up May 2018

    Newsletters Published: 17/05/2018 Last modified: 17/05/2018
    Regulation round-up is our monthly email to all regulated firms, updating you on the latest news that affects your sector.
  8. FCA proposes new measures to maintain firms’ focus on culture

    Press Releases Published: 28/09/2016 Last modified: 28/09/2016
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will mark six months since the implementation of the Senior Managers’ and Certification Regime by providing feedback on implementation so far and proposing measures to further strengthen the regime. The
  9. Accomplishments of the last 5 years

    Speeches Published: 14/03/2018 Last modified: 14/03/2018
    Speech by John Griffith-Jones, Chairman, FCA, delivered at an event hosted by TheCityUK at Linklaters LLP, London.
  10. The future of competition and regulation in retail banking

    Speeches Published: 28/11/2017 Last modified: 28/11/2017
    Speech by Christopher Woolard, Executive Director of Strategy and Competition at the FCA, delivered at Future of Retail Banking 2017.