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  1. Types of investment and pension scams

    ScamSmart Last modified: 01/06/2020
    Find out more about the most common investment and pension scams, and how to protect yourself.
  2. Polarity Index / Polarity Index Wealth Management

    Warnings Published: 23/11/2018 Last modified: 23/11/2018
    Polarity Index / Polarity Index Wealth Management is not authorised or registered by the FCA. Find out why and how to protect yourself from scammers.
  3. High return investments

    Consumers Published: 17/01/2020 Last modified: 01/06/2020
    Beware of investments offering high returns. Only invest if you’re prepared, and can afford, to lose all your money. Find out what you need to know before investing.
  4. Eclipse Trading (cloned firm)

    Warnings Published: 15/08/2013 Last modified: 27/09/2013
    We believe fraudsters are using the details of an authorised firm to try to convince people that they are genuine. See how to protect yourself from scammers of this ‘cloned firm’.
  5. Sustainability

    Speeches Published: 22/07/2014 Last modified: 05/08/2014
    were contacted by their lenders to ensure that they were considering repayment options now – not at the point when the mortgage term expires. ... Similarly, in February we fined Forex Capital Markets and FXCM Securities Ltd £4m for allowing the US
  6. Janus Options / Kinetex Limited

    Warnings Published: 24/11/2016 Last modified: 24/11/2016
    We have published this statement in order to warn consumers against dealing with unauthorised firms.
  7. 2018 Disclosure Log

    Last modified: 14/09/2020
    The aim of the FCA's Disclosure Log is to keep information that it has released under the Freedom of Information Act and which it thinks is of wider public interest. Find the Disclosure Log for 2018. 
  8. Advice Unit: Firms accepted for feedback

    Firms Published: 02/03/2018 Last modified: 03/09/2020
    The Advice Unit is currently working with 40 firms which have been accepted for regulatory feedback. We have also provided feedback to 5 firms which have now launched their automated advice or guidance models. Acceptance into the Advice Unit does
  9. Global regulation, local solutions

    Speeches Published: 23/01/2020 Last modified: 28/02/2020
    Speech delivered by Nausicaa Delfas, Executive Director of International, at BCLP, London
  10. Regulation round-up August 2015

    Newsletters Published: 20/08/2015 Last modified: 15/09/2015
    Financial Advice Market Review. MiFID II Implementation Roundtable. Ban and fine for Robert Shaw of TailorMade Independent Ltd. ... Approved Persons for Solvency II firms and non-directive firms. Ban and fine for Robert Shaw of TailorMade Independent Ltd.