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  1. UK EMIR news

    Markets policy Published: 24/05/2016 Last modified: 21/06/2022
    Read our archive of news relating to EMIR dating back to August 2013.
  2. Directory of certified and assessed persons

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 05/09/2019 Last modified: 12/07/2021
    Under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR), we will publish and maintain a directory of certified and assessed persons on the Financial Services Register, so consumers and professionals can check the details of key individuals
  3. Brexit resources

    Focus areas Published: 09/03/2018 Last modified: 18/11/2021
    This page lists our news and statements, speeches, publications and other pages related to Brexit.
  4. Consumers

    Consumers Last modified: 22/06/2022
    Consumers can find out about their rights with banking, insurance, mortgages and financial advice, and how to complain or avoid scams.
  5. ScamSmart resources

    ScamSmart Last modified: 22/07/2022
    ScamSmart resources
  6. Financial Services Register

    Statements Published: 01/02/2021 Last modified: 02/02/2021
    The Register is currently unavailable due to technical issues that are being investigated. We are working to restore the Register as quickly as possible.
  7. Our authorisation process

    New firm authorisation Published: 09/08/2017 Last modified: 21/06/2022
    What to expect after you submit your application for authorisation to the FCA.
  8. FCA registers and systems: supported browsers

    Registers and systems Published: 13/01/2017 Last modified: 31/03/2022
    FCA registers and systems: Supported browsers
  9. Gabriel

    Registers and systems Published: 03/05/2016 Last modified: 17/03/2022
    We have replaced Gabriel with RegData, our new data collection platform for gathering regulatory data from firms.

    Warnings Published: 28/06/2022 Last modified: 28/06/2022
    GOLDDEALFX.COM is not authorised or registered by the FCA. Find out more about unauthorised firms and individuals.