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  1. Mutuals Public Register

    Registers and systems Published: 12/05/2015 Last modified: 19/11/2021
    The Mutuals Public Register is the public record of registered mutual societies. Find information on credit unions, building societies, friendly societies and registered societies.
  2. Benchmark administrator applications and equivalence notifications

    New firm authorisation Published: 29/09/2017 Last modified: 24/01/2022
    Find out how to get authorised or registered as a UK benchmark administrator.
  3. List of financial activities we regulate

    New firm authorisation Published: 09/08/2017 Last modified: 19/05/2021
    Firms require FCA permission to carry out specified regulated activities. Browse our non-exhaustive list of consumer credit activities and other FCA regulated activities.
  4. How to register for RegData

    Registers and systems Published: 30/03/2020 Last modified: 13/06/2022
    Find out how to register for RegData, our new data collection platform which will replace Gabriel.
  5. Benchmark Consulting Group LLC

    Warnings Published: 08/03/2021 Last modified: 08/03/2021
    Benchmark Consulting Group LLC is not authorised or registered by the FCA. Find out more about unauthorised firms and individuals.
  6. Finding an adviser

    Consumers Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 13/06/2022
    It can be tricky to know how to find a financial adviser, especially if you’re looking for the first time. Read our tips to help you get started.
  7. Cryptoassets: AML/CTF regime: Register with the FCA

    Tasks for regulated firms Last modified: 24/01/2022
    Since 10 January 2020, we have been the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) supervisor of UK cryptoasset businesses under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer)
  8. Benchmarks Regulation: our powers, policy and decision-making

    Markets Published: 18/11/2020 Last modified: 30/06/2022
    Our policy approach to exercising our powers over critical benchmarks, and our decisions to use these powers to help manage an orderly wind-down of LIBOR.
  9. Firms

    Firms Last modified: 27/07/2022
    Tasks for regulated firms and authorisation information for new firms
  10. Loans and credit

    Know your rights Published: 04/04/2016 Last modified: 03/08/2022
    Always check whether a firm can legally offer loans and credit to consumers before you deal with them.