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  1. Trade repositories application form [docx]

    Forms Published: 22/10/2018
    Draft form
  2. Trade repositories registration form notes [docx]

    Forms Published: 22/10/2018
  3. The Green FinTech Challenge Application Form [docx]

    Forms Published: 19/10/2018
  4. DRSP Yearly Notification Form [doc]

    Forms Published: 15/10/2018
  5. Form 272 – Hong Kong covered funds as defined in the SFC/FCA Mutual Recognition of funds Memorandum of Understanding [doc]

    Forms Published: 08/10/2018
    Application for an order declaring an overseas collective investment scheme to be recognised in the UK
  6. mifid-change-legal-status-notes.docx [docx]

    Forms Published: 02/10/2018 Last modified: 28/09/2018
  7. MiFID Fees and Levies Supplement Form: Retail [docx]

    Forms Published: 09/08/2018
  8. Welsh Website Weedback: Abdorth Gwefan [docx]

    Forms Published: 03/08/2018
  9. Welsh Complaints Form: Cwynion yn erbyn y rheoleiddiwr [docx]

    Forms Published: 03/08/2018
  10. Welsh Scheme Feedback Form: Ffurflen adborth cynllun [docx]

    Forms Published: 03/08/2018