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  1. FCA prompts and alerts design: behavioural evidence [pdf]

    Research Published: 31/05/2018
  2. Future personal current account prompts and alerts [pdf]

    Research Published: 31/05/2018
  3. Usage and experiences of High Cost Credit: Technical appendix [pdf]

    Research Published: 31/05/2018
  4. Usage and experiences of High Cost Credit: consumer research report [pdf]

    Research Published: 31/05/2018
  5. Occasional Paper No. 36: Sending out an SMS: The impact of automatically enrolling consumers into overdraft alerts

    Occasional papers Published: 31/05/2018 Last modified: 31/05/2018
    As part of the high-cost credit review, the FCA wanted to understand the impact of auto enrolling customers into overdraft and unpaid item (retry) alerts on customer overdrafting behaviour. Occasional Paper No. 36 (PDF). Incidental charges
  6. Automated investment services - our expectations

    Multi-firm reviews Published: 21/05/2018 Last modified: 21/05/2018
    The FCA carried out two reviews, the first looking at firms offering automated online discretionary investment management and the second looked at firms providing retail investment advice exclusively through automated channels. The FCA reports back on findings and next steps.
  7. Hard to value assets review: summary of findings

    Multi-firm reviews Published: 11/05/2018 Last modified: 11/05/2018
    The FCA presents a summary of its findings from its assessment on whether firms are providing necessary information in a way that helps customers make informed decisions when accessing retirement benefits.
  8. MS16/2.2: Mortgages Market Study - Interim Report: Annex 9 – Questions for discussion [pdf]

    Market studies Published: 04/05/2018
  9. MS16/2.2: Mortgages Market Study: Interim Report: Annex 2 - Sources of evidence [pdf]

    Market studies Published: 04/05/2018
  10. MS16/2.2: Mortgages Market Study: Interim Report: Annex 5 – Findings on lifetime mortgages [pdf]

    Market studies Published: 04/05/2018