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  1. MS16/1.3: Retirement Outcomes Review - Annex 1 [pdf]

    Market studies Published: 28/06/2018
  2. Occasional Paper No. 38: Testing retirement communications: Waking up to get wise

    Occasional papers Published: 28/06/2018 Last modified: 28/06/2018
    As part of the Retirement Income Market Study and the Retirement Outcomes Review, the FCA looked into ways in which we could encourage those approaching retirement to engage with the free government guidance available to them and with their pension
  3. How do participants behave during Flash events? Evidence from the UK equity market. [pdf]

    Research Published: 27/06/2018
  4. Strategic Review of Retail Banking Business Models: Progress Report [pdf]

    Multi-firm reviews Published: 27/06/2018
    This Progress Report provides an update on our Strategic Review of Retail Banking Business Models.
  5. The retail intermediary market

    Data Published: 26/06/2018 Last modified: 06/09/2018
    The Retail Mediation Activities Return (RMAR) is the core regulatory return submitted by firms who provide intermediary services arranging and/or advising on mortgages, non-investment insurance or investment products. Monitoring and analysing the data the FCA collects via the RMAR helps the FCA to supervise the activities of intermediary firms...
  6. Previous editions of the mortgage lending statistics

    Data Published: 26/06/2018 Last modified: 11/09/2018
    Read our commentary and full statistical tables of the mortgage landing statistics.
  7. Periodic auctions

    Research Published: 25/06/2018 Last modified: 28/06/2018
    With MiFID II altering the landscape of equity markets, we take a look at this emerging trading format – with the help of data. 
  8. Financial Lives Survey 2017: Data Tables: Volume 8 - Pension decumulation 1 [xlsx]

    Data Published: 20/06/2018 Last modified: 20/06/2018
    This volume of tables contains questions on: Pension decumulation 1 (planning to decumulate in next 2 years). The Financial Lives Survey 2017 is a tracking study designed to provide the FCA with insight on consumer behaviour and experience in the retail financial markets we regulate.
  9. The financial lives of consumers across the UK - Key findings from the FCA’s Financial Lives Survey 2017 [pdf]

    Research Published: 20/06/2018
    This FCA report analyses the results from the Financial Lives Survey 2017 geographically.
  10. Financial Lives survey

    Research Published: 20/06/2018 Last modified: 28/08/2018
    Financial Lives is the FCA's first large-scale survey of UK adults. Based on nearly 13,000 face-to-face and online interviews, Financial Lives is the FCA's largest tracking survey of adults and their finances. It reveals a wealth of information about different types of consumer and their experiences of financial products and services. It is a key...