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  1. Funeral plans: Proposed approach to regulation [pdf]

    Consultation papers Published: 02/03/2021
    Consultation Paper on our proposed approach to regulating the funeral plans sector.
  2. FCA explains: regulation of pre-paid funeral plans transcript [pdf]

    Transcripts Published: 02/03/2021
    In July 2022, we’re taking responsibility for regulating the pre-paid funeral plans sector. Find out what you
  3. Funeral plan providers - quarterly conduct review [pdf]

    Consultation papers Published: 02/03/2021
    Quarterly conduct review (FP001).
  4. Effectiveness assessment of the FCA approach to flexible firm supervision - July 2016 [pdf]

    Corporate documents Published: 02/03/2021
    This assessment by PA Consulting looks at how the FCA's Supervision risk and management framework in 2016 supports the approach to flexible firms and where further development may be necessary in order to make it fully effective, focussing on the
  5. Funeral plan providers and intermediaries - half-yearly prudential return [pdf]

    Consultation papers Published: 02/03/2021
    Half-yearly prudential return for providers (FP003a) and intermediaries (FP003b).
  6. CP21/4: Funeral plans: proposed approach to regulation

    Consultation papers Published: 02/03/2021 Last modified: 02/03/2021
    In this consultation paper we are consulting on draft rules and guidance for the funeral plans sector.
  7. Final Notice 2021: Michael John Dwane [pdf]

    Final notices Published: 01/03/2021
    This final notice Michael John Dwane refers to a failure to satisfy the effective supervision threshold condition (COND) and the suitability threshold condition (COND). We refused the firm’s application for authorisation.
  8. Google's letter to the FCA - 26 February 2021 [pdf]

    Correspondence Published: 01/03/2021
    Google UK & Ireland’s Managing Director, Ronan Harris, wrote a letter on 26 February 2021 to the FCA Chairman and CEO about the work Google have been doing to tackle scam advertisements on their platform.
  9. Handbook Notice 85 [pdf]

    Handbook Published: 26/02/2021
    This Handbook Notice describes the changes to the Handbook and other material made by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Board under its legislative and other statutory powers on 25 February 2021.
  10. User guide: Adding multiple Directory Persons data [pdf]

    Documents Published: 26/02/2021
    This user guide helps firms to submit new Directory Persons data in bulk.