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  1. Digital Regulatory Reporting Pilot: Terms of Reference [pdf]

    Meeting minutes Published: 20/07/2018
  2. Memorandum of Understanding between the Bank of England, FCA, PSR and PRA [pdf]

    Memorandums of understanding Published: 20/07/2018
    This document outlines how the Payment Systems Regulator will interact with the Bank of England, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.
  3. Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18 [pdf]

    Annual reports Published: 19/07/2018
    Read the FCA Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18.
  4. Slides from the Transaction Reporting Forum June and July 2018 [pdf]

    Meeting minutes Published: 18/07/2018
    Events held on 26 June and 4 July 2018
  5. FCA Board Minutes: 23 and 24 April 2018 [pdf]

    Meeting minutes Published: 13/07/2018
  6. Institutional Disclosure Working Group: Summary of discussion 14 June 2018 [pdf]

    Meeting minutes Published: 05/07/2018
  7. MiFID II Inducements [pdf]

    Impact assessments Published: 04/07/2018
  8. MiFID II Independence [pdf]

    Impact assessments Published: 04/07/2018
  9. MiFID II Taping [pdf]

    Impact assessments Published: 04/07/2018
  10. MiFID II Occupational Pension Scheme (OPS) Firms [pdf]

    Impact assessments Published: 04/07/2018