Search for a provider to complain about PPI

Search for a bank or other provider to find links to their online PPI complaint form, and contact details to complain about PPI by post or on the phone.

You can also click a name in the list below to find their contact details, including for the providers that receive the most complaints about PPI and the different brand names they use. Be aware that this is not a full list of all providers.

If a provider does not appear in the search results or the list below, you can find contact details on your relevant paperwork or the provider’s website.

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We don’t have contact information for the bank or other provider you are searching for. 

If you want to search again, you should:

  • check your spelling 
  • search again using different words – it might help to search using fewer words
  • check your paperwork to find out whether your provider uses other names that you should search for
  • check your store card paperwork to find the name of the financial business that provided the store card

If you can’t find this information or still aren’t sure which provider to contact, you can contact us.

How to contact a provider

If you know the bank or other provider that you want to contact about PPI, you should be able to find more information and contact details on:

  • the provider’s website
  • your original paperwork and more recent statements

You can use the free PPI complaint form (DOC) to explain your claim. This is provided by the Financial Ombudsman Service and is sometimes called a ‘PPI questionnaire’. You should complete at least the first 2 pages.

Before you contact a provider you should find out:

Providers that no longer exist

If you think you were sold PPI by a provider that has gone out of business, you may be able to claim on the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) – find out if the FSCS can help.


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