How to complain about PPI

Find out how to complain yourself – for free – about PPI, what to include in a complaint and the deadline to claim back money you’ve paid for the policy.

If you wish to make a complaint about PPI, you can follow a two step process:
  1. Check with your provider if you had PPI (find out how to check)

  2. Complain to your provider if you think you were mis-sold

Complaining about PPI is a simple step you can do yourself - for free - and avoid paying a claims company. Find out more about using a claims company to complain about PPI.

You shouldn't wait until the 29 August 2019 PPI complaints deadline - if you wish to make a complaint, it's better to act sooner rather than later.

Methods of complaining

You can complain on the websites of many banks and other providers.

Use our Search for a provider to complain about PPI page to find links to online complaints tools and contact details for the providers that receive the most complaints about PPI.

In most cases you can also complain directly to your PPI provider by phone, post, or by going into a local branch and explaining that you want to complain about PPI.

Deadline for PPI complaints

We have set a deadline of 29 August 2019 to complain about PPI.

You need to refer your complaint to your provider or to the Financial Ombudsman Service on or before the 29 August 2019 deadline (by 11.59pm) or else lose your right to have your complaint assessed. 

29 August 2019 is the last possible deadline for consumers to make PPI complaints, but for some consumers time will run out sooner than 29 August 2019:

  • you will generally run out of time to complain about mis-selling 3 years after you received a letter from your provider warning you about it
  • or 3 years after you made an insurance claim on the PPI policy that was rejected by the insurer

Remember if you complain via:

  • post - allow enough time for the complaint to reach your provider before the 29 August 2019
  • telephone - be aware that phone lines will close before midnight
  • online - please submit your complaint in advance to avoid any delays because of an increase of submissions close to the deadline
  • in branch - be aware of your local branch's closing time on 29 August 2019

You will receive acknowledgement from your provider or the Financial Ombudsman Service that your complaint has been received.

Find out more about the FCA.

Who to complain to

In most cases, the financial business (such as a bank or other provider) that sold you PPI was the same one that provided your loan or credit product.

If the financial business that sold you PPI was different to the one that provided your loan or credit product, you should:

If you aren’t sure which financial business to complain to, you can contact either to ask. If you complain to the wrong financial business, they will usually forward your complaint to the right one.

Providers that no longer exist

You may still be able to complain if your provider no longer exists.

If you think a provider has changed name or changed owner, you should check your paperwork and statements for information about a related bank or other provider that you can contact.

You should also look online to try to find more information about the change of name or owner. If you can’t find this information or still aren’t sure which provider to contact, you can contact us.

If you think you were sold PPI by a provider that has gone out of business, you may be able to claim on the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) – find out if the FSCS can help.  

What to include in a PPI complaint

The more relevant information you can include to explain your complaint, the quicker it will be for your provider to review it.

You should try to include the following when you complain:
  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • your phone number – this is useful if the provider needs to contact you to ask for more information
  • your PPI policy number – this is not essential but is useful if you know it
  • when you bought your PPI policy 
  • when you took out the loan or credit product that the PPI covered
  • your circumstances at the time you bought PPI, such as employment status and the company or organisation you worked for

The reason for your complaint

You can still complain if you don’t know or don’t have all the information about your PPI policy.

It will make it quicker for your provider to review your complaint if you briefly explain the reason you are complaining.

Find out more about the 2 reasons to claim back money you’ve paid for PPI:

  1. complain that PPI was mis-sold to you
  2. complain that your provider earned a high level of commission from the sale of PPI, often called Plevin, but didn’t tell you this when you bought it

Post a complaint

If you wish to complain by post, you can use the free PPI complaint form (DOC). This is provided by the Financial Ombudsman Service and is sometimes called a 'PPI questionnaire'. 

You should complete at least the first 2 pages. Contact us if you need help filling in the complaint form.

You can also write to your provider to explain your complaint.

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