How to check if you had PPI

If you’ve had a loan or credit product but aren’t sure whether you had PPI, you can ask the provider of those products. Checking if you had PPI is simple and free - all you need to get started is your name, date of birth, and current/previous addresses.


Many banks and other providers offer online checking tools to help you check if you had PPI.

Visit Search for a provider to ask about PPI to find links to online PPI checking tools and contact details for the providers that receive the most complaints about PPI.

You don't need your paperwork to check, but it may help to speed up the process. If you can't find the relevant paperwork or statements, find out about checking for PPI without paperwork.

As the deadline date approaches, some providers have committed to raise a complaint on your behalf if the PPI check leads to them locating a policy in your name. To find out more, please contact your provider. However, to allow your provider to investigate your complaint fully, you may still be required to provide additional information.

What to do after you've checked

You must allow 8 weeks for your PPI check to be completed. Your provider will tell you if you had PPI.

If your provider confirms you had PPI and you're unhappy with how it was sold, you can then proceed to make a complaint. Providers are obliged to deal with your complaint. Find out how to complain about PPI.

Remember: if you haven't complained to your provider by 29 August 2019, you won't be able to claim money back for PPI - so you should make your decision as soon as possible.

Product names to look for in your paperwork

PPI was usually sold with other products like a loan, credit card, store card, mortgage, overdraft or car finance deal. Find out about other products that were usually sold with PPI.

Look for ‘PPI’, 'payment protection insurance', or the product names listed below on original documents, credit agreements, more recent statements, and the terms and conditions for each:

  • accident, sickness and unemployment (ASU) insurance
  • account cover
  • credit insurance
  • credit protection
  • loan care
  • loan insurance
  • loan protection
  • loan repayment insurance
  • mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI)
  • payment cover
  • protection plan

Information about the policy and your payments may also appear on statements as an additional charge next to repayment information.

What to do if paperwork isn’t clear

If you aren’t sure what something on your paperwork or statements means, call or write to ask the bank or other provider of your loan or credit product. When you ask about information on your paperwork, you can also ask whether you had a PPI policy.

Providers are aware that customers may contact them about PPI and should be ready to help.

Checking or complaining about PPI will not affect your relationship with your provider.

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