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Find out about the help we can offer, how to receive information in alternative formats and the additional languages on this website.

If you want help understanding the information on this website you can contact us:

  • call us on 0800 101 8800 (textphone: 18001 01434 372 580) or +44(0)121 3680 936 from abroad
  • open a web chat from the bottom of each webpage
  • tweet us on Twitter using @ppifca
  • or download our leaflet

Find out more about how to contact us about PPI.

We can explain the information about PPI but cannot give you advice about your individual circumstances or complaint.

Before you contact us you should find out:

We also have information to help you decide whether to complain about PPI if you are, or have been, in financial difficulties and on a debt solution.

This includes information if you are or have been:

Information in alternative formats

If you need information on this website in a different format you can call us on 0800 101 8800 (textphone: 18001 01434 372 580) or see the bottom of each webpage for other ways to contact us.

Our leaflet is available in the following formats:

If you want information in a different format about a PPI policy, or a loan or credit product that it covered, you should contact your provider.

If you do not feel comfortable contacting your provider about this you can call us on 0800 101 8800 (textphone: 18001 01434 372 580).

Languages other than English            

This website is available in many languages, using the link at the top of each page that say ‘Languages’.

The ‘Languages’ list includes Welsh (Cymraeg) and 7 more languages that have been translated by human translators. The human translated languages are:

  • Welsh, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Polish, Punjabi, Somali and Urdu

The ‘Accessibility toolbar’ includes many other languages that have been translated by a computer programme. The computer translated languages are for information only and we cannot accept responsibility for their accuracy.

Our leaflet is also available in 8 languages:

Explainer videos


(BSL version with subtitles)

PPI explained How to check if you have PPI How to complain about PPI
Welsh Esboniodd PPI Sut i wirio os oedd gennych chi PPI Sut i gwyno am PPI
Bengali PPI ব্যাখ্যাকৃত আপনার PPI ছিল কি না তা কিভাবে যাচাই করা যায় PPI-এর ব্যাপারে কিভাবে অভিযোগ জানানো যায়
Hindi PPI पीपीआई ने समझाया कैसे जांच करें कि आपके पास पीपीआई है PPI पीपीआई के बारे में शिकायत कैसे करें PPI
Mandarin PPI解释说 如何检查你是否有PPI 如何投诉PPI
Polski Czym jest PPI Jak sprawdzić, czy nabyli Państwo PPI Skarga dotycząca nieprawidłowości przy sprzedaży PPI
Somali PPI oo la sharaxay Sida loo hubiyo haddii aad lahayd PPI Sida looga cowdo PPI


More information and help with PPI

There are other websites with information about PPI, template forms and tools you can use to complain about the sale of PPI:





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