Payment Services events – Live & Local 2018/19

From September to November 2018, we held events for regulated non-bank payment service providers (PSPs).

This series of Live & Local events concluded in November 2018 with further events for the payment services sector expected in the future. Please sign up to our events email update alerts to be notified.

An introduction to FCA Payments Supervision (with Q&A)

(Up to 2 hours, open to regulated non-bank payment service providers firms only)

The payments ecosystem is complex and rapidly changing, not least due to innovation in technology, legislative and regulatory change, and consumer behaviours.

With many of you applying to be FCA authorised for the first time or indeed re-authorised under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), these events will provide clarity on our role and expectations, and our supervisory approach. You will hear from our Payments Department and will have an opportunity to ask us questions in an open forum.

These sessions will help inform our understanding of the challenges and issues you face and enable us to consider opportunities to build on our approach going forward.

Registration for these sessions are open to FCA-regulated non-bank payment service providers only. A £85 registration fee per person will apply.

This series of Live & Local events has now concluded. To be alerted to upcoming events by email, sign up to Live and Local updates.

A look back at our Live & Local programme to date

It was enjoyable and gave me a concise and clear idea what is expected for my firm

From April 2016 to June 2018, we travelled across the country holding a series of events aimed at retail investment, general insurance, mortgage and consumer credit firms.

  • we have directly engaged with nearly 6000 firm representatives
  • we travelled to over 70 locations, revisiting each region more than once each year
  • 97% of attendees told us they were clearer about our expectations as a result of a Live & Local event
  • 99% of attendees told us they would recommend a Live & Local event to others