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  1. Deutsche Bank fined £4.7m for failing to properly report transactions

    Press Releases Published: 28/08/2014 Last modified: 28/08/2014
    Deutsche Bank AG London Branch (Deutsche) has been fined £4,718,800 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for incorrectly reporting transactions between November 2007 and April 2013.   Deutsche failed to properly report 29,411,494 Equity Swap CFD (contracts for difference) transactions.  The failure, which affected all Deutsche’s Equity...
  2. Lloyds Banking Group fined £105m for serious LIBOR and other benchmark failings

    Press Releases Published: 28/07/2014 Last modified: 28/07/2014
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined Lloyds Bank plc (Lloyds) and Bank of Scotland plc (BoS), both part of Lloyds Banking Group (LBG), £105 million for serious misconduct relating to the Special Liquidity Scheme (SLS), the Repo Rate benchmark and the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). £70 million of the fine relates to attempts to...
  3. FCA publishes Final Notice for Ian Hannam and confirms a financial penalty of £450,000

    Press Releases Published: 22/07/2014 Last modified: 22/07/2014
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today published a Final Notice for Ian Hannam stating that it has fined him £450,000. This follows on from the judgment of the Upper Tribunal (Tribunal) which upheld the decision of the FCA that Mr Hannam engaged in two instances of market abuse by disclosing inside information other than in the proper...
  4. Former equities trader charged with insider dealing

    Press Releases Published: 25/06/2014 Last modified: 25/06/2014
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has charged Damian Frank Clarke (DOB: 06/10/1975), a former equities trader at Schroders Investment Management Limited, with 9 counts of insider dealing, contrary to Section 52(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 1993. The offences relate to trading in shares and spread bets between 30 October 2003 and 28 November...
  5. Tribunal upholds decision of Financial Conduct Authority to find Ian Hannam guilty of market abuse

    Press Releases Published: 28/05/2014 Last modified: 28/05/2014
    The Upper Tribunal (Tribunal) has upheld the decision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that Ian Hannam engaged in two instances of market abuse. The judgment was issued by the Tribunal on 27 May 2014 after five days of hearing during July 2013 and October 2013. It remains open to Mr Hannam to appeal this judgement. The Tribunal found that...
  6. Former UBS trader banned for failings related to US$2.3 billion unauthorised trading losses by Kweku Adoboli

    Press Releases Published: 01/05/2014 Last modified: 01/05/2014
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has banned John Christopher Hughes from performing any function in relation to any regulated activity in the financial services industry for failings related to US$2.3 billion unauthorised trading losses by another trader Kweku Mawuli Adoboli.  The FCA found that Hughes is not a fit and proper person. Tracey...
  7. FCA bans and fines trader £662,700 for manipulating gilt price during QE

    Press Releases Published: 20/03/2014 Last modified: 01/04/2014
    Mark Stevenson, a bond trader with nearly 30 years' experience, has been banned from the industry and fined £662,700 for deliberately manipulating a UK government bond (gilt) on 10 October 2011. Stevenson intended to sell his holding, worth £1.2 billion, to the Bank of England (the Bank) for an artificially high price during quantitative easing...
  8. Fraudster Benjamin Wilson sentenced to seven years imprisonment following successful FCA prosecution

    Press Releases Published: 14/02/2014 Last modified: 25/05/2017
    Benjamin Wilson of Bournemouth, Dorset was sentenced to seven years at Southwark Crown Court today for defrauding investors of over £21m, following previous guilty pleas for fraud, forgery and operating a collective investment scheme without authorisation. The sentence included seven years for fraud, 18 months for not being FCA authorised and two...
  9. Tribunal bans former trader for lying to the FCA and the Tribunal

    Press Releases Published: 17/12/2013 Last modified: 19/12/2013
    The Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery Chamber) has directed the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ban former derivatives trader David John Hobbs from performing any role in regulated financial services. On 23 July 2010 the FCA issued a Decision Notice to Hobbs that comprised a financial penalty of £175,000 and the imposition of a prohibition...
  10. The FCA strengthens the listing rules to enhance protection for shareholders

    Press Releases Published: 05/11/2013 Last modified: 27/11/2013
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has strengthened its listing rules to protect minority shareholders. The new rules will give shareholders in premium listed companies additional voting rights and greater influence over key decisions. David Lawton, the FCA’s director of markets, said: “Active engagement by all shareholders is essential to...