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  1. Statement on MiFID trade reporting and position limit obligations

    Statements Published: 01/10/2020 Last modified: 02/10/2020
    ESMA published a statement saying that it has positively assessed UK trading venues in relation to its Opinions on MiFIR trade reporting and commodity derivatives position limits.
  2. Coronavirus and 10% depreciation notifications: further temporary measures for firms

    Statements Published: 30/09/2020 Last modified: 19/03/2021
    This statement is for firms providing portfolio management services or holding retail client accounts that include positions in leveraged financial instruments or contingent liability transactions.
  3. The FCA and the Bank of England encourage market participants in further switch to SONIA in interest rate swap markets

    Statements Published: 28/09/2020 Last modified: 28/09/2020
    FCA and Bank of England support and encourage liquidity providers in the sterling swaps market to adopt new quoting conventions for inter-dealer trading based on SONIA instead of LIBOR from 27 October this year.
  4. FCA update following the recent coronavirus restrictions statements on Tuesday 22 September

    Statements Published: 24/09/2020 Last modified: 28/09/2020
    Firms should continue to follow Government advice on working from home until notified otherwise.
  5. Update on the FCA enquiry into the Bank of England audio issue

    Statements Published: 23/09/2020 Last modified: 23/09/2020
    In late 2019 concerns were raised regarding the use of an audio feed from the Bank of England’s press conferences.
  6. Listings of cannabis-related businesses

    Statements Published: 18/09/2020 Last modified: 18/09/2020
    In response to queries from cannabis-related companies interested in listing in the UK, the FCA is today setting out its approach to assessing these applications. This is pending a guidance consultation which will follow in due course.
  7. Copia Wealth Management Limited is placed into liquidation

    Statements Published: 09/09/2020 Last modified: 09/09/2020
    Mr Floyd Paterson, the sole director of Copia Wealth Management Limited, a firm authorised and regulated by the FCA, has appointed Alex Kachani of Crawfords Accountants in Manchester as liquidator.
  8. Wirecard has announced that it is winding-down its business

    Statements Published: 28/08/2020 Last modified: 28/08/2020
    On 28 August 2020 Wirecard announced that it was intending to wind-down its FCA-regulated business. The business will continue to trade while alternative arrangements are being made with its card providers.
  9. Statement on accounting for lease modifications (amendment to IFRS 16)

    Statements Published: 18/08/2020 Last modified: 21/08/2020
    We are announcing temporary relief for issuers who choose to use the amended IFRS 16 during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and its aftermath.
  10. Data Provision under the Civil Liability Act 2018

    General insurers and insurance intermediaries Statements Published: 04/08/2020 Last modified: 04/08/2020
    The Civil Liability Act 2018 imposes a duty on insurers to provide information to the FCA about the effect that changes to the law under the Act will have on motor insurance premiums.