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  1. Restrictions placed on Colbourne & Company

    Statements Published: 24/06/2022 Last modified: 24/06/2022
    On 23 June 2022 the FCA imposed a number of restrictions on Colbourne & Company stopping it from carrying out any regulated activities due to concerns about the way it conducts its business.
  2. FCA seeks re-trial in insider dealing case

    Statements Published: 22/06/2022 Last modified: 22/06/2022
    The Financial Conduct Authority will pursue a re-trial of Stuart Bayes and Jonathan Swann for insider dealing offences.
  3. Jury discharged in insider dealing trial without a verdict

    Statements Published: 25/05/2022 Last modified: 25/05/2022
    Having been unable to reach a verdict in the trial of Stuart Bayes and Jonathan Swann for insider dealing, the jury was discharged.
  4. FCA response to Amigo’s scheme being approved by the High Court

    Statements Published: 23/05/2022 Last modified: 23/05/2022
    The High Court has approved Amigo Loans Limited scheme of arrangement to provide redress to customers who are due it for being mis-sold loans and who raise a complaint
  5. Obatan LLC

    Statements Published: 19/05/2022 Last modified: 19/05/2022
    The FCA published an alert in relation to Obatan LLC on 22 April 2022. That alert was removed on 16 May 2022.
  6. FCA reminds consumers of the risks of investing in cryptoassets

    Statements Published: 11/05/2022 Last modified: 11/05/2022
    We have seen some recent social media posts regarding cryptoassets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). We cannot comment on individual products. However, as we have said previously, the FCA has not been given regulatory oversight over the direct
  7. FCA stops Alexander David Securities Limited disposing of assets without permission

    Statements Published: 29/04/2022 Last modified: 29/04/2022
    The FCA has imposed requirements on corporate advisory firm, Alexander David Securities Limited (ADSL), which means it must not dispose of any assets without the written consent of the FCA. Since 29 June 2020, ADSL has not been permitted to
  8. FCA, TPR and MaPS joint statement on P&O defined benefit pension schemes

    Statements Published: 12/04/2022 Last modified: 13/04/2022
    Current and former employees of P&O are urged not to make any quick decisions about their pension following recent media reports.
  9. FCA publishes letter confirming it won’t attend Amigo’s Scheme of Arrangement sanction hearings

    Statements Published: 11/04/2022 Last modified: 11/04/2022
    We have written to the firm to confirm that we do not intend to attend the hearings to oppose its proposals.
  10. Joint statement from UK Financial Regulation Authorities on London Metal Exchange and LME Clear

    Statements Published: 04/04/2022 Last modified: 04/04/2022
    The FCA intends to review the LME’s approach to managing the suspension and resumption of the market in nickel