Regulation round-up April 2017

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Introduction: Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive

Welcome to this month’s edition of Regulation round-up. I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss in some detail the documents that we have published today. Together, these documents provide greater clarity about how the FCA operates and more transparency about the way we make decisions.

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Hot topic: Business Plan: Sectors and the priorities

This year, our analysis has identified the most important issues in each of the sectors we regulate. The sectors are:

  • Pensions and retirement income
  • Retail banking
  • Retail lending
  • General insurance and protection
  • Retail investments
  • Investment management
  • Wholesale financial markets

We encourage you to read the sector views and the relevant chapters within the business plan to gain insight into the outcomes we seek, issues and our planned activities for each sector.

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Hot topic: Mission and Fees Consultation Paper

The Mission explains how delivering public value is at the core of our regulation and explains how this will affect the decisions we take. It explains:

  • the intervention framework that allows us to make consistent regulatory judgements and to publically explain them
  • why we focus our resources on issues within our regulatory remit and how and why we will intervene in activities outside this perimeter
  • the introduction of a wider and more systematic measurement of the impact of our interventions and the way we will report on them

Video: Our Mission update

Our Chief Executive, Andrew Bailey on what the Missions means for consumers and firms


Fees Consultation Paper
We have published our Fees Consultation Paper which sets out our annual funding requirement (AFR) for 2017/18 is £526.9m; an increase of £7.6m (1.5%).

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In your sector…

Financial advisers

Assessing suitability of advice and disclosure

Platforms market study

Contract for difference (CFD)

Client assets rules in peer-to-peer firms (P2P)



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General insurance intermediaries and insurers

Value chain & perimeter issues

Pricing practices

Market study on wholesale insurance market

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Mortgage advisers and lenders

Mortgage market study

Mortgage arrears

Interest-only mortgages

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Banks and building societies


Senior managers & certification regime (SM&CR)

Strategic review of banking business models

Payment Services Regulation (PSD II)

Non-bank payment firms

CMA remedies

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

CP: Payment Services Directive II

Tesco to pay redress for market abuse

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Life insurance and pension providers

Pensions strategy

Drawdown without giving advice

Non-workplace pensions including SIPPS

Decumulation and retirement outcomes

Pension scams

Wake up pack disclosure

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Investment managers

Liquidity strategy

Custody banks strategy

Asset management market study

Investment and corporate banking market study

Market Abuse


Listing review: effectiveness of UK primary markets


Web pages: Five conduct questions

Former investment banker for sharing confidential information over WhatsApp

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Wealth managers

Liquidity strategy

Asset management market study


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Consumer Credit

High cost credit

Point of sale fees and charges

Debt Management sector review

Motor finance

Credit Card Market Study

Speech: Keeping up with the credit sector: the FCA’s view on the market today

GABRIEL Reporting update: CCR007 Consumer Credit Data: Key data

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Credit unions

Senior managers & certification regime (SM&CR)

CP: Payment Services Directive II

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Fintech and innovative businesses

Speech: Innovating for the future - the next phase of Project Innovate 

Discussion paper: Distributed ledger technology

TechSprint on financial services and mental health

Podcast: Competition and innovation

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