Mortgage events – Live & Local 2018/19

From September 2018, we are offering a new series of events across the UK aimed at regulated mortgage firms. Online registration is required for each event.

Below are the events scheduled to June 2019, which will conclude our 2018/19 Live & Local programme. To be alerted to future events, sign up to Live & Local email update alerts.

‘Ask the regulator’ Q&A roundtable discussion with FCA and industry panel

(up to 2 hours, open to regulated firms only)

These sessions are an informal, open forum for mortgage intermediaries and lenders to ask questions, provide challenge and feedback to a panel comprising of a senior FCA representative and an industry expert. The aim of the roundtable sessions is to answer and discuss any regulatory questions or concerns that firms operating in this market may have. Registrants are encouraged to arrive at the event prepared with questions or topics for discussion at the session.

The Q&A roundtable is open to regulated mortgage lenders and intermediaries only. There is no registration fee.

Remaining sessions

24 April Southampton
15 May Norwich
11 June Leeds

Timings, venue details and registration form for available sessions

Our 2018/19 Live & Local programme concludes in June 2019. To be alerted to upcoming events by email, sign up to Live and Local updates.

A look back at our Live & Local programme to date

It is refreshing to hear that the FCA are encouraging feedback and are willing to talk to companies

From April 2016 to June 2018, we travelled across the country holding a series of events aimed at retail investment, general insurance, mortgage and consumer credit firms.

  • we have directly engaged with nearly 6000 firm representatives
  • we travelled to over 70 locations, revisiting each region more than once each year
  • 97% of attendees told us they were clearer about our expectations as a result of a Live & Local event
  • 99% of attendees told us they would recommend a Live & Local event to others