Listing transactions over Christmas and New Year 2019/20

Find out more about the changes to turnaround times for reviewing and processing listing transactions over the Christmas period.

This Christmas we are changing our standard turnaround times for reviewing documents and guidance cases as well as the process for listing applications. This to ensure that the staff working between Christmas and New Year can focus their attention on the most time-sensitive transactions.

When calculating response times for documents and guidance requests, we will not include any of the days from Monday 23 December 2019 to Wednesday 1 January 2020 inclusive.

The table below shows how this works in practice.

Initial submissions First comments due on
Received before 4pm on: 10 day 5 day 4 day
Friday 6 December 20 December 13 December 12 December
Monday 9 December 2 January 16 December 13 December
Tuesday 10 December 3 January 17 December 16 December
Wednesday 11 December 6 January 18 December 17 December
Thursday 12 December 7 January 19 December 18 December
Friday 13 December 8 January 20 December 19 December
Monday 16 December 9 January 2 January 20 December
Tuesday 17 December 10 January 3 January 2 January
Wednesday 18 December 13 January 6 January 3 January
Thursday 19 December 14 January 7 January 6 January
Friday 20 December 15 January 8 January 7 January
Thursday 2 January 16 January 9 January 8 January
Subsequent submissions Comments due on
Received before 8 am on: 5 day 3 day 2 day
Monday 16 December 20 December 18 December 17 December
Tuesday 17 December 2 January 19 December 18 December
Wednesday 18 December 3 January 20 December 19 December
Thursday 19 December 6 January 2 January 20 December
Friday 20 December 7 January 3 January 2 January
Thursday 2 January 8 January 6 January 3 January

In terms of requests for listing applications hearings, we are not accepting hearings for 23, 24, 27, 30 and 31 of December and 2 January. Please note that we still intend to process changes to the Official List throughout the period (including the dates above) and you can book earlier hearing dates.

We hope that by giving you notice of this now you will be able to plan your transactions accordingly. However, if this is likely to cause significant issues please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will discuss a suitable approach. For live transactions please speak to your readers. For upcoming cases not yet initiated please contact David Prevezer, Allocation Manager on 020 7066 3836 and for listing applications, you can call 020 7066 8352 or email [email protected]

We will prioritise cases and accept hearings on the dates above, where deadlines are outside the control of the issuer, for example:

  • transactions subject to the Takeover Code
  • rescue refinancing prospectuses
  • situations where financial information in transaction documents risks becoming 'stale' according to the Listing or Prospectus Regulation Rules after 31 December

We will still have staff working on the morning of 24 December, on 27 and 30 December and on the morning of 31 December. Subject to the amended turnaround times and hearing dates in the table above we aim to provide a normal service over the holiday period (including processing changes to the Official List, sponsor enquiries, emergency lines and same-day supplement service). We encourage advisers to contact us early about any time-critical matters including approvals and admissions with the contact methods listed above.