Live & Local

We are continuing our successful Live & Local regional programme in 2018/19 with a new series of events for regulated firms across the UK.

As before, we will visit each region more than once during the programme to give firms more opportunity to attend a variety of events.

In addition to the below events for general insurance, retail investmentmortgage, and non-bank payment services firms, we are holding two general insurance workshops for compliance consultants in October and November 2018.

We will also hold ad-hoc events for various sectors featuring our Executive Committee, as well as additional events focusing on priorities set out in our business plan.

General insurance

From September 2018, we are offering the below events for general insurance firms across the UK:

Details of upcoming general insurance events

Retail investment

From October 2018, we are holding interactive workshops on Defined Benefit Pension Transfers across the UK.

Details of upcoming retail investment events


From September 2018, we are continuing our series of Q&A roundtable discussions for the mortgage sector across the UK.

Details of upcoming mortgage events

Payment services

In September and November 2018, we are offering ‘An introduction to FCA Payments Supervision’ events in London for regulated non-bank payment services firms.

Details of payment services events

Compliance consultants

In October and November 2018, we are offering two workshops tailored for compliance consultants on how general insurance firms can identify and prevent harm.

Details of compliance consultant events

A look back at our Live & Local programme to date

Very good to discuss current issues that are affecting my industry today and over the next 5 to 10 years. - Live & Local attendee

From April 2016 to June 2018, we travelled across the country holding a series of events aimed at retail investment, general insurance, mortgage and consumer credit firms.

  • we have directly engaged with nearly 6000 firm representatives
  • we travelled to over 70 locations, revisiting each region more than once each year
  • 97% of attendees told us they were clearer about our expectations as a result of a Live & Local event
  • 99% of attendees told us they would recommend a Live & Local event to others