Test customer communication ideas

Find out how we can help firms test new ideas or techniques for communicating with their customers.

If you have innovative ideas for disclosing product information, the process for delivering information or routine correspondence, we may be able to remove barriers so you can test what works for your customers.

This could mean waiving or modifying how we apply any of our rules that prevent you from testing your idea.

We may also be able to help you design your test.

Your test proposal

To be considered, your test must be customer-focused and rigorous.

Customer focus

Your test must aim to find out the best way to communicate for the benefit of your customers.

For example, you may want to find out how best to deliver key information to customers or whether they are more likely to respond to a letter or email.

You might also want to find out whether it is more effective to provide customers with personalised information about how they use a product.

Rigorous testing

Your test will involve a sample of customers or prospective customers who are randomly assigned to receive either your typical communications or the approach you want to test.

Your sample must be large enough to see any statistically significant effects.

You must also be willing to provide us with the necessary data to validate your results, if requested.

Apply for testing support or email [email protected]

Publishing your findings

If we provide support for your test we may want to publish your findings so that others can learn from them.

We would only publish aggregated and anonymous data, and would anonymise your firm’s identity.

If your communications test is successful we may also consider how we can use it more broadly, which could include changing our rules so other firms and customers can benefit from your approach.