Notifications and variations of EMI services

Find out how to notify us of changes or apply to change the services you provide

Authorised EMIs and small EMIs must notify us of any changes to any information they have already provided to us.

Credit institutions, credit unions and municipal banks with Part 4A permission to issue e-money may apply to vary their permission under the FSMA process. Information on this can be found in the Handbook.

Change in standing data

You should notify us if you wish to:

  • change your registered name, trading name (if applicable), head office, registered office, accounting reference date, primary compliance contact, website and email address
  • change the type of e-money issued, or
  • change the payment services provided (either by increasing or decreasing the range)

Applicants should complete and submit a notification to amend standing data form:

See Chapter 4 of our Approach Document for more information on when and how to notify us.

Apply to vary your authorisation or registration

To apply for a variation in authorisation or registration, you must submit:

  • a statement of the requested variation
  • a statement of the unrelated payment services that, as an e-money issuer, you propose to add/remove, and
  • other information that we may reasonably require

Read Chapter 4 of the Approach Document to find out more about how to:

  • cancel your authorisation or registration
  • change your legal status

Notifications for authorised EMIs and small EMIs

Read Chapter 4 of the Approach Document to find out more about:

  • notifications applicable only to authorised EMIs
  • notifications applicable only to small EMIs