In focus

Pensions and retirement income overview

Our infographic explains some of the key statistics on pensions income

Retirement income market data

Our latest data bulletin includes market data on retirement income from April to September 2016

Illiquid assets and open-ended investment funds

We want stakeholders to tell us what problems they think exist where open-ended funds hold illiquid assets, how well the current rules address those problems and what further regulatory intervention might be needed

Our research and reviews

Review of annuity sales practices: TR16/7

This review assesses how firms provided information to customers, on a non-advised basis, about shopping around for enhanced annuities.

Retirement outcomes review: terms of reference

This review assesses the impact of pension reforms on competition in the retirement income market by looking at how firms and consumers have responded to the new freedoms.

Signposting to pensions guidance: our findings

Since April 2015, consumers have had greater choice around how they access their Defined Contribution pension savings. Our findings highlight the importance of consumers understanding the consequences of the decisions they make.

Annuity comparator: our research

Find out more about our research into the implementation and effects of the proposed ‘annuity comparator’.

Latest news for life insurers and pension providers

Pension scheme operators are at risk from smarter scams

This alert highlights some of the risks arising from authorised firms failing to carry out appropriate due diligence on investment offerings.

Advising on pension transfers – our expectations

This alert highlights our requirements when you provide advice on pension transfers, including advice in particular circumstances.

Pension providers making good progress on reducing fees and charges

Pension providers have made significant progress towards meeting the recommendations of the Independent Project Board (IPB), to reduce cost and charges.

FCA publishes finalised guidance for the fair-treatment of closed-book customers

We want to ensure that closed-book customers, who have life insurance products that are closed to new business, are treated fairly and do not receive less attention than customers who have recently taken out a new product.