Events for asset managers

We regularly organise events to raise awareness of the services we provide to new market entrants. We also provide support to existing firms through roundtables or seminars on key regulatory topics or emerging trends in the sector.

We understand that prospective entrants to the asset management industry would welcome more support from us as it’s difficult for start-ups to navigate the regulatory landscape. Feedback also suggested that the sector wished for more personalised engagement between us and asset management firms.

The types of events we organise include:

  • roundtable discussions that ask for feedback on how we can improve our services and operations
  • seminars on key regulatory topics or emerging trends in the sector
  • surgeries (or pre-application meetings) that provide bespoke support to businesses experiencing specific issues within the regulatory framework

We will also attend events hosted by other organisations in relation to asset management, such as conferences, panel sessions, workshops and roundtables. If you would like to invite us to attend your asset management event, please contact [email protected].

If you would like to invite us to speak at your event, please fill in our speaker request form. Please ensure you mention the asset management authorisation hub on your form.

Upcoming events

In its consultation response Financing growth in innovative firms (PDF) HM Treasury announced that as part of the broader remit of the Asset Management Authorisation Hub, the FCA will hold a dedicated event on long-term investment. On Thursday 17 January 2019 we are hosting this event about patient capital, in particular about how our rules on permitted links and authorised funds can support investment in patient capital in ways that benefit investors.

For more information and to request your place, please visit