Claims management permissions: how to register

You can only register with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for temporary permission if you are currently regulated by the Claims Management Regulator (CMR) or if you are an existing claims management company that is being brought into scope of the FCA regulation, and are currently unregulated.

FCA explains - CMCs regulation

Find out how to register for temporary permission.

Step 1 – Gather Information

  • Your FRN (Firm Reference Number), if you are already authorised by the FCA
  • Your CMR authorisation number, if authorised by the CMR
  • Firm details including contact details, website addresses, trading names and turnover

Step 2 – Log into the Connect system

  • Enter your personal details (first name, last name, email address and telephone number)
  • Create a PIN
  • Create a password
  • Complete Captcha word validation

Step 3 – Introductory information

  • It is important that you read the introductory information provided on the screen. You will need to confirm that you are eligible before you can proceed.
  • Confirm if you have an FRN. Your firm details will be displayed when entering a valid FRN. If you are already authorised by the FCA, your temporary permission will be added to your FRN. If you are not already authorised, a new FRN will be created.

Step 4 – Application contact details

  • This section will be pre-populated with the information recorded on your user account. If the details are incorrect, you will need to edit your account details.

Step 5 – Firm details

  • If you are already authorised by the FCA and entered your FRN, some of these details will be pre-populated.
  • You should enter all website addresses and trading names used for regulated claims management activities.

Step 6 – Claims management temporary permission supplement

  • This is a dynamic form and some questions will change depending on the answers you give. It is important that you read the help-text where it is provided.
  • If you are authorised by the CMR, you should provide your authorisation number on this form. You will also need to confirm that the details displayed are correct.

Step 7 – Declaration

  • Read the declaration carefully and tick to confirm you understand it. The registration must be made by a sole trader to whom the licence relates to or by a director, partner or senior manager of the firm.

Step 8 – Submit your notification

  • Once all sections are complete, you can submit the registration.
  • You will receive an email confirming submission of your registration once it has been received by the FCA.
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