Video guides: How to apply for authorisation on Connect

Introduced by business adviser and TV personality Nick Hewer, our 11 step-by-step video guides explain how a consumer credit firm should complete and submit an application for full or limited permission.

1. Your application: an overview

This guide outlines how to log in to Connect, the different stages of the application, and how a firm can pay a fee at the end of the application process.

Information to support this video:

2. Firm details

The information firms need to provide in the firm details section of the authorisation application.

3. Permission types and fees

The types of consumer credit permissions that are available and how to decide which permission to apply for.

4. Consumer credit supplement

The information that firms may need to supply in the consumer credit supplement section.

5. Disclosure of significant events

The information firms should supply in the disclosure of significant events section.

6. Systems and controls

The information firms need to provide in relation to IT systems, business continuity and disaster recovery, and regulatory returns.

7. Compliance

The procedures and documents firms should have in place, compliance monitoring programmes, and disclosure compliance.

8. Personnel information

What personnel information you should provide during the application.

9. Owners and influencers

An explanation of the owners and influencers section of the authorisation application.

10. Supporting documents

How to upload additional supporting documents and provide details or comments. The documents may include financial records or legal documents.

11. Declaration

An explanation of the final section of the application, the firm declaration. This is only to be filled in once all other sections have been completed.