Asset managers and authorisation

Find out how to become authorised as an asset manager.

The application process:

These web pages are part of our Asset Manager Authorisation Hub, which aims to remove unnecessary barriers to the regulatory journey of an asset manager while still maintaining our high regulatory standards, by:

  • improving access to the FCA and public information shared by us on our website and Handbook
  • building knowledge of firms by providing guides to our processes and systems, organising open days, roundtables and seminars on key regulatory topics
  • simplifying regulatory processes by streamlining existing processes and taking a more pragmatic approach
  • engaging with firms by committing more time towards pre-application meetings
  • helping firms transition from authorisation to supervision

The initial Asset Manager Authorisation Hub consists of:

  • dedicated web pages for asset managers
  • weekly pre-application meetings for asset managers
  • dedicated and named case officer from day one
  • improved support in transitioning newly authorised firms to supervision

Steps to becoming regulated

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Further information

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