Early life supervision support (ELSS)

Early life supervision support (ELSS) is one of the initiatives of our asset management authorisation hub to proactively engage with asset management firms. We realise some firms find their transition from authorisation to supervision unclear, despite current support.

Under ELSS we will provide the following support to newly authorised asset management firms:

  1. We will contact you to explain:
    • How to register on various systems to submit regular returns and fees.
    • What returns you need to submit and how to submit the returns.
    • Our supervisory approach.
    • Our expectations of a regulated asset manager.
    • How to submit any changes to your firm’s information.
    • Where you can find more support on supervisory issues.
  2. Guidance material for newly authorised asset managers.
  3. Quarterly ELSS events sessions to discuss supervisory topics with newly authorised firms.
  4. Advance reminders of returns submissions along with links to any relevant guidance materials. 

ELSS call

We will contact you within 10 working days of your authorisation and expect the telephone call to last for 30 to 60 minutes depending on your firm’s complexity. We will also email you any available guidance documents.

ELSS events

We plan to cover a broad range of topics related to UK rules applicable to asset managers, our systems, processes and expectations. These events will be available for all asset management firms within the regulated sector and not just newly authorised firms.

If you have any questions you can contact us.