After authorisation

Being an authorised asset manager in the UK brings with it a number of obligations. You must meet the standards set out in our Handbook and must provide us with relevant information to show you are meeting these standards.

In 2018 we launched early life supervision support (ELSS) to support asset management firms to move from authorisation to supervision. The service will include:

  • ELSS call within 10 working days of your authorisation
  • quarterly open days
  • seminars and events on a broad range of topics applicable to asset managers, including our systems, processes and expectations
  • regular emails with guidance, reminders, help text and videos

Find out more about early life supervision support (ELSS).


Gabriel is our online system for collecting and storing regulatory data from firms.

Find out more about Gabriel.

Making changes after authorisation

Add or change your regulated activities

Your firm’s ‘scope of permission’ should accurately show the activities it carries out. If an authorised firm wants to change or add to its regulated activities it can apply to us for a ‘variation of permission’ (VOP).

Find out more about variation of permission.

Apply for authorisation of a UK UCITS, NURS, QIS or UK LTIF fund

Once authorised, you will need to submit a fund authorisation application over email.

Find out more about authorised and recognised funds.

Apply for addition of an unauthorised AIF

You can either submit an unauthorised AIF addition application along with your manager authorisation application or you will need to submit a post authorisation notification for addition of a new fund under management.

Apply for a marketing approval for AIF

Once authorised, you will need to submit a marketing application over email.

Appointed Representatives approval 

An appointed representative (AR) is a firm or person who runs regulated activities and acts as an agent for a firm we directly authorise. This firm is known as the AR's 'principal'.

Find out more about appointed representatives and principals.

Further information

See more information on our page for investment managers.

Find out about our market-based approach to supervising firms.

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