Mission Conference

The Mission Conference was held on 17 November 2016 at the Royal College of Physicians in London. 

The conference brought together a wide range of stakeholders to have an open discussion about the development of our future Mission and and to stimulate debate about the key challenges we are seeking to address.

As many as 130 leading thinkers and influencers from financial firms, media, think-tanks, Parliament, consumer organisations, academia and a small number of senior FCA staff and Board members attended the conference.

During 3 plenary sessions and 2 breakout sessions the themes discussed included measuring effectiveness in financial markets, the role of conduct regulation in light of today’s challenges and the prioritisation of vulnerable consumers.

Two keynote speakers offered an external perspective on the challenges facing the FCA. Andrew Bailey, our CEO, and John Griffith-Jones, our Chairman, closed the conference with a reminder that the conference was only the beginning of the consultation process for our Mission.

We found the tone of the conference to be engaging, stimulating and thought-provoking.

We are now in the process of analysing and following up on the feedback, suggestions and ideas we collected throughout the day, to support the development of the final Mission document. 

Video: Mission conference

Watch Andrew Bailey, our Chief Executive, and Gunner Burkhart, conference host and an FCA senior adviser, give an overview of our Mission consultation as they introduce the conference.

Session videos

Keynote - An external perspective on the challenges facing a financial services conduct regulator

Political and economics commentator, Iain Martin delivers the first keynote speech at our future Mission conference, November 2016.

Discussion forum - How can we ensure regulation delivers value for money?

Discussion forum at our future Mission conference with Jayne-Anne Gadhia, CEO, Virgin Money; Ron Kalifa, Vice-chairman, Worldpay, and; economist and author, Professor John Kay. November 2016.

Panel - Can we empower consumers to take better decisions?

Panel session at our future Mission conference with Manjit Wolstenholme, Independent non-executive chairman, Provident Financial; Martin Lewis, Founder and chairman, MoneySavingExpert, John Fingleton, CEO, Fingleton Associates, and; Gillian Guy, CEO, Citizens Advice.

Discussion forum - What makes financial services markets effective?

Discussion forum at our future Mission conference with Lord McFall, Senior deputy speaker, House of Lords; Lord O’Donnell, Chairman Frontier Economics; Imran Gulanhuseinwala, Partner, Ernst & Young, and; Ann Pettifor, Director, PRIME Economics. November 2016.

Keynote – Challenges for the regulator

Economics commentator, Liam Halligan delivers the second keynote speech at our future Mission conference, November 2016.

Closing remarks

Closing remarks from our Chief Executive, Andrew Bailey.