Aggregate complaints data

The data includes all the complaints that firms report to us apart from complaints relating to consumer credit related activities.

We collect complaints data from firms to enable us to monitor:

  • the number of complaints that firms receive
  • how this changes over time
  • what products or services people have complained about the most

We use the data to help assess how well firms are treating their customers and how their performance changes over time. We also use it to guide our work in supervising firms and markets, and to highlight potential concerns with particular products.

We publish complaints data every six months and this publication includes data that firms report for the first half (H1) of 2018, six months up to their reporting end date in 2018 H1. 

Each firm reports their data to us in line with their own reporting cycle on a six-monthly basis, or annually for smaller consumer credit firms, so reporting periods can vary between firms. This includes data with an end date that falls within the first half 2018. Each firm’s reporting period can be viewed on the firm-specific pages for those that are required to publish their data.

We collect and publish data at both an aggregate (market level) and firm level. We only publish firm-specific data for firms reporting:

  • 500 or more complaints in a half-year period 
  • 1,000 or more for consumer credit firms’ complaints if these firms report to us annually

Firms exceeding these thresholds are also required to publish complaints data on their websites.

We have produced interactive sortable tables for the aggregate number of complaints received by product, in terms of reported volumes and in context of accounts or policies provided (Context A). This can be accessed in the link below. 

Aggregate complaints data 2018 H1

Show complaints data analysis 2018 H1 (PDF)

This publication analyses the aggregate complaints data and includes:

Aggregate complaints data sortable tables: 2018 H1

Download the aggregate complaints data (XLSX)

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