Landing slots for firms in the TPR

Find out what to do when you’ve received your landing slot to apply for full authorisation in the UK.

The information on this page was only applicable to firms in the TPR that previously passported into the UK under Schedule 3 or Schedule 4 to FSMA. This information was not applicable to payments institutions, registered account information service providers and electronic money institutions in the TPR that previously passported into the UK.


All firms in the TPR that we were expecting to apply for full authorisation in the UK would have received a formal direction confirming their ‘landing slot’.

This was the period when firms could apply:

  • for full (non-temporary) Part 4A permission
  • to vary an existing Part 4A permission if a firm had a UK top-up permission

If we were not expecting your firm to apply for full authorisation in the UK, you may not have received a landing slot direction.  If a firm did intend to apply for full UK authorisation and would be solo-regulated by us but did not receive a landing slot direction, it could still apply but any application must have been received by us before the end of 31 December 2022.

Opening and closing dates

The direction firms were sent specified dates when the firm must submit its application for either type of permission above. This could be no earlier than the opening date and no later than the closing date.

If you submitted your application before your opening date

In line with our direction, it may have been disregarded and destroyed.

If you didn’t submit an application before your closing date

We could cancel your firm’s temporary permission.

In this situation, we will have served your firm a decision notice stating the date the firm’s temporary permission ended. If your firm was eligible, it will have moved into the Financial Services Contracts Regime.

We could also decide that a firm is not to enter FSCR. Here, the firm’s temporary permission will have come to an end with the decision notice and the firm would no longer be permitted to carry on a regulated activity in the UK (unless an exclusion applies).

Submitting an application

You’ll need to have submitted an application using our Connect system.

Before submitting you should first read:

You could also choose not to submit an application, and to cancel your firm’s temporary permission instead. If your firm did this and it required permission to perform existing contracts, it will have moved into the FSCR.
Find out more about cancelling a temporary permission.

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