Anti-money laundering annual report 2015-16

Anti-money laundering annual report 2015/16

1. Introduction

We have a key role in ensuring that financial services firms have adequate, proportionate and efficient safeguards to prevent them being used for financial crime, including money laundering.

We are reporting on our anti-money laundering work over the last year.  

2. Our anti-money laundering supervision strategy

Find out how we supervise firms’ compliance with the rules and regulations on anti-money laundering. Our approach includes proactive supervisory AML programmes, thematic reviews and event-drive supervision.

‘The UK financial system is a major global hub which attracts investment from across the world. However, its size and openness also make it attractive to criminals seeking to hide the proceeds of crime among the huge volumes of legitimate business.’

7. Looking ahead

Over the coming year, our financial crime and AML work will continue to be one of our seven top priorities.

FCA Annual Report 2015/16