Corporate responsibility

Find out about our corporate responsibility agenda.

Good corporate citizenship and corporate responsibility are important parts of our identity, both as an employer and a regulator. They sit at the heart of our culture and are part of everything we do.

Our role within the community is key and this approach helps our people feel a sense of belonging to the FCA and to wider society.

At the FCA, we recognise that our people want to be engaged on several levels in the workplace.

Our work is based on expert knowledge and shaped by our consumer focus. For us, our corporate responsibility agenda goes hand in hand with our business objectives.

Primarily, we aim to make a difference for consumers and protect the integrity of the UK financial system. It is also about creating a positive impact in our communities and our environment − what we learn from this makes us a better regulator.

We concentrate on 3 core aspects of corporate responsibility: diversity and inclusion, community engagement and sustainability.

Being a great place to work


  • provide a rewarding environment, recognising that our people are motivated by more than just money
  • have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in our practices, allowing people to develop and progress without barriers
  • look after the well-being of our people, ensuring that they are safe and well and appropriately cared for
  • promote an environment in which people are valued and respected
  • are a Living Wage Employer

Understanding the communities we serve


  • orient our thinking towards the consumer, so we can better understand those using financial services
  • ensure we give our people a chance to be involved in their community, linking what they do to their learning and development
  • influence the sector to do the same, encouraging an active commitment to diversity and community engagement
  • connect what we learn with our core functions of financial regulation

Safeguarding resources


  • encourage people to value our resources through the development of sound practices to reduce waste
  • continually improve our resource and energy-efficiency

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


  • recognise our responsibility to ensure that our suppliers have fair and ethical labour practices
  • make it clear that we expect all of our suppliers to comply with the Statement and to ensure that working conditions in their operations meet (or exceed) international labour standards
  • will continue to review the steps we are taking to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains

Read our full Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


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