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Update on our work around pensions and retirement income

Published: 14/07/2016     Last Modified: 14/07/2016

Pensions and retirement income is a priority sector for the FCA, given the fundamental recent changes to the market and further changes to follow in 2017. Read more about our policy work and market monitoring in this area.

Retirement outcomes review: terms of reference (MS 16/1)

Published: 14/07/2016     Last Modified: 14/07/2016

The aim of the review will be to assess the impact of the pension reforms on competition in the retirement income market by looking at how firms and consumers have responded to the new freedoms.

Asset management market study (MS15/2)

Published: 18/11/2015     Last Modified: 03/08/2016

The aim of the study will be to understand whether competition is working effectively to enable investors to get value for money when purchasing asset management services.

Credit card market study (MS14/6.3)

Published: 03/11/2015     Last Modified: 26/07/2016

We are carrying out a market study on the credit card sector, one of the largest consumer credit markets we regulate. We have now published our final findings report.

Investment and corporate banking market study (MS15/1)

Published: 22/05/2015     Last Modified: 13/04/2016

We are examining issues around choice of banks and advisers for clients, transparency of the services provided by banks, and bundling and cross-subsidisation of services.

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